The video podcast, Feb 2022

This Valentine’s Day could have more lasting meaning than ever before.  There is little need for candy or flowers to mark this day of questionable origin.  Is it pagan or religious or strictly commercial?  Who cares?  There are so many dire concerns for families and couples in 2022, and no time to revisit them here. What you must know is that the remarkable, restorative power of love, more specifically Black Love,  has been captured for all humanity to examine and embrace.

The video podcast series, “Black History, Black Freedom & Black Love”, offers an extraordinary gift for all people, interweaving the themes of love and Black History month.  We might at first find that an odd combination, but we should not.  If we reflect for a moment, it becomes clearer.  Four hundred years of weaponized hatred and exploitation have not succeeded in annihilating people of African ancestry in the diaspora because of divine protection:  the Power of Love.  It is love of self, love of family, love of community, love of humanity, love of laughter, love of music, dance, creative expression, love of life!  It is love that has allowed us to endure, survive, persevere and thrive. offers this exploration in three expertly crafted parts, past, present and future.  It educates, illuminates, enlightens, and restores hope that the expansive, all-inclusive nature of Black Love, can save humanity.  Make sure you watch it with your older children and teens so that you can all be inspired by the power of Black Love.

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By Cheryl Peek-Ball