It is often said that each of us has a unique purpose, a reason why we are here on earth.  This may be a romantic or overly spiritual concept for some, but for many it is a source of inspiration and motivation.  We want to find that purpose.  Consciously or unconsciously we each pursue a sense of wholeness, connectedness to each other and personal gratification.  Regardless of upbringing or background, culture, religion or ethnicity, we all long to be fulfilled during our short time on earth.  This is one of the many ways we are more alike than different.  I think of it as a universal longing for communion with the Creator, however we envision it. 

Those fortunate enough to know the purpose of their lives, pursue it with passion and gain fulfillment.  Their creative endeavors and occupations are guided by this purpose and it brings them joy.  Each day is an exploration of divine inspiration and an opportunity for self-expression and self-actualization.  Each day, a chance to be our “best selves”, the unique creation we were destined to become.  This is possible for each of us.  Even if we are in the spring or autumn of our lives, if we have not identified our unique purpose or feel we have missed the boat, it is never too early or too late.  Whenever we begin to ask the questions, “Who am I really?”,  and “What am I meant to do in this world?”, we are asking just in time.  Let’s explore this together.