Now this is a day to get excited about. We all have come to know and support Black Friday and Cyber Monday (or enjoy complaining about the commercialism). But did you know about “Giving Tuesday”? I didn’t until today. Clearly, I am many steps behind in social movements, because this concept has been around since 2012!

Giving Tuesday was founded in 2012 by New York’s 92nd Street Y in partnership with the United Nations Foundation. The holiday was first announced in September 2012, two months prior to the first Giving Tuesday occurring on November 27. The purpose of the day is to inspire people and companies to take action, just like Black Friday and Cyber Monday created a framework for retailers to sell merchandise…Learn more GIVING TUESDAY – November 30, 2021 – National Today.

The pandemic’s economic impact has dealt charities and non-profit organizations a staggering blow in Bermuda and worldwide. Today is yet another opportunity to unify efforts for the greater good. What are you going to give today? Who can you offer to help, to support or lend a listening ear? Bermuda’s charitable organizations can be found on the government website: Registered Charities March 5, 2021.pdf ( And the Health Promotion Office of the Department of Health maintains an online listing of helping services with contact details: Home – Directory of Helping Services