It’s a new year, and the promise of 365 days is one that wise people understand is not a promise at all.  So much can happen in a single day.  Don’t we all know.  But just the possibility of another year to grow, to create, to connect, is a powerful source of inspiration.

With 2023 just beginning, we cannot resist the customary reflection on what the start of the New Year (in the Gregorian calendar) means.  Maybe it will resonate with you.

Looking back, it seems that 2022 was often about overcoming.  Overcoming fear, or anxiety, frustration or irritation. So much about the world seemed out of balance, or just plain crazy.  From weather extremes to extremes of hate, anger and mean-spiritedness.  There were so many examples of this, ranging from vulgar, hostile Tweets to outright wars and assaults on humanity.  If you wanted to spiral down a dark, musty rabbit hole every minute of every day, there was plenty of media content to beckon you to the center of the earth.

Yet, if you take a breath and refocus, you will notice there are equally positive, restorative and uplifting content elsewhere.  But you must leave the electronic universe and go outside.  Or inside yourself.

So, for 2023, aim to immerse yourself in a universe of positivity, balance things out.  You don’t have to live under a rock or avoid all media (or all people, for that matter).  Just make a conscious, continuous, committed effort to balance the racket with more quiet, meditative moments, reading, walking in nature, gazing upward at the stars or out to the ocean, being mindful of the enormous blessings:  fresh air, clean water, a quiet space to think, a free moment to create, a friend to confide in, a family to cherish.  Breathe more deeply, with awareness. Be grateful moment by moment and slowly create a year in balance.  Peace.

By Cheryl Peek-Ball