(Virtual public forum)

It is always a good idea to fortify ourselves with accurate, scientifically-supported information about this pandemic, and especially about the COVID-19 vaccine. This vaccine has been the victim of more misinformation than any vaccine before it. This has left Bermuda in a vulnerable position as vaccination rates have not risen as quickly to the levels required to prevent surges of infections. We failed to avail ourselves of this life-saving tool of modern science, and are paying the price.

On April 27th, 2021 the University of the West Indies- St Augustine Faculties of Medical Sciences and Social Sciences and The Caribbean Centre for Health Systems Research and Development hosted a virtual Public Forum on the topic ‘COVID 19 Vaccines: Truths and Untruths’. Thankfully, it can still be viewed and is worth taking the time to help deepen our understanding of this disease and the complex public health crisis it has caused.

View the virtual public forum here: COVID 19 Vaccines: Truths and Untruths – YouTube