Conscious Living, Living With Purpose

Powerful Origin of Mother’s Day

May 13, 2024

Marianne Williamson's powerful and thought-provoking message about the origin of this high-profile commercial holiday...and how we must reclaim the true meaning and original aspirations. Listen a... Read more

Conscious Living, Living With Purpose, Mindfulness Space

Solar Eclipse Vibes

April 8, 2024

From Faith Hunter I hope this message finds you embracing the vibrant energy that life offers. With today's Solar Eclipse coinciding with the New Moon, we are entering a period of profound tra... Read more

Community Well-being, Conscious Living, Living With Purpose, Mindfulness Space

Developing our Connection to Others

September 28, 2023

A meditative practice from Global Compassion Coalition (102) PRACTICE: Recognize our interconnectedness - YouTube ... Read more

Conscious Living, Living With Purpose

Creating a Year in Balance

January 5, 2023

It’s a new year, and the promise of 365 days is one that wise people understand is not a promise at all.  So much can happen in a single day.  Don’t we all know.  But just the possibility ... Read more

Breaking your addiction to SUGAR

Living With Purpose, Podcast|November 3, 2022

Kitchen Table Talk with Dr. Lori on why we should break our addiction to sugar. ... Read more

Kitchen Table Talk for the Young’uns

Living With Purpose, Podcast|October 23, 2022

Meet Dr. Lori Eanes, Holistic Medical Doctor Extraordinaire! This chat is about finding your career path and living your purpose. ... Read more

The Invitation

Conscious Living, Living With Purpose|July 29, 2022

In our daily to and fro, it's wise to take time to look inward. Receive this poem as an opportunity for personal reflection... It doesn't interest mewhat you do for a living.I want to know... Read more

A Chat with Patrice Morgan!

Conscious Living, Living With Purpose|January 31, 2022

Multitalented creator of Bermuda Born handbags and leather goods chats with Dr. Cheryl Peek-Ball to share a glimpse of how she maintains balance while following her creative dreams. Patrice sp... Read more